Dawn Stenzel Photography | About
Dawn Stenzel, owner/operator and director of photography, first saw her passion in a dream she had as a child. Ten years later, she found herself drawn to the darkroom she had once dreamt of, allowing her dreams of photography to come to fruition. It was during this time, Dawn decided to study at both Focal Point and Langara College in Vancouver, Canada. She also gained further experience photographing her travels while living in Japan.
During her first four years of photography, Dawn had the privilege of apprenticing many known photographers, which has furthered her proficiency, and ability to voice her creative vision while photographing any event or portrait.
Her work can be found published in The Vancouver Sun, Vancouver View, Yaletown View, TV weekly, and she has been featured in many other articles and advertisements. Dawn takes her profession to heart and is always finding new ways to view life through the lens by taking international workshops with world renowned photographers and keeping up to date on latest trends in her industry.
Dawn Stenzel Photography (Dawn and her assistants) are always aware of their clients needs. By using each clients personal style to influence the photo and remaining conscious of the changes in contemporary art and fashion, Dawn makes every photo a true testament of it’s time.